Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your Two Cents

On October 15, OPB's Think Out Loud featured incumbent Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian and challenger Bruce Starr.   Both sides represented themselves well. Mr. Avakian clearly has the momentum of a public servant dedicated to the cause; Mr. Starr apparently has ideas for change - though he was holding those ideas pretty close to his chest.  One comment stood out: when pressed to specify which legislation he'd change to make the law more balanced, Mr. Starr suggested simplifying the rules on paying final wages. Mr. Avakian said he'd never heard any complaints about those rules, during his time with the legislature or as Labor Commissioner.  That seems odd, as that is a frequent source of litigation, and truly (in my experience) a diffiult issue for employers. What that means, I assume, is that employers are not speaking out to their elected representatives to let them know the obstacles they face and engaging them in dialogue for meaningful change. So here's your chance: check out the debate and add your own two cents at (And of course: vote!)

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