Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Best Advice Your Mother Ever Gave You: Watch Your Mouth!

A recent Oregon Court of Appeals case tells this story:

An employee reports to work three minutes late. His supervisor says, "I guess you just can't f**ing make it to work on time." When the employee fails to respond, his supervisor says, "F**ing what? What? You don't--what? You can't--you ain't got an answer for me?" The employee points out he was only a few minutes late, but the supervisor doesn't want to hear it. "Just f**ing leave," he says. The employee left, and filed for unemployment benefits, thinking he had been fired.

Van Rijn v. Employment Department (2010).

The case is about unemployment benefits, which are not available when an employee is fired for misconduct, or voluntarily quits without good cause. The employer in this case alleged the claimaint voluntarily quit.

Fired or not, the case highlights the need to proceed carefully in tense situations, and to let cooler heads prevail in discipline and termination actions.

If nothing else, you don't want to read these quotes in the court reporter--with your company's name in lights above them!

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