Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries is proposing new rules, summarized below. The proposed language can be found on BOLI's website:

The comment period ends January 3, 2011, so if you have an opinion, let them know!

Some of the rules simply confirm legislatively the judicial interpretation of various laws. Others bring state law into conformity with federal law. Some actually impose new obligations or restrictions (by fleshing out new statutes). In other words, it's worth your time to review these proposed rules.

The proposed rules and amendments would:

(1) Clarify the individuals protected by prohibitions against use of credit history in employment

(2) Clarify that service animals may be a reasonable accommodation in housing for an individual with a disability

(3) Implement statutes prohibiting discrimination based on disability in public accommodation consistent with federal law

(4) Conform implementation of statutes prohibiting discrimination based on military service with federal law and make such statutes internally consistent

(5) Conform definition of “in loco parentis” as used in the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) with federal definition

(6)Clarify that statutes require costs of completing OFLA verification forms to be paid by the employer

(7) Clarify that the period of time for an employer to ask for more information about a request for OFLA leave and the period of time the employee has to respond is more than a total of 5 days

(8) Clarify application of leave year for employees using pregnancy disability leave and parental leave

(9) Clarify the amount of time employers have to provide notice that an employee using unforeseeable OFLA leave must use accrued paid leave

(10) Clarify acceptable means of notice that employees taking OFLA must use paid leave

(11) Clarify amount of time employer has to notify employees they are eligible for OFLA leave

(12) Clarify how a discrimination complaint is verified

(13) Clarify that reports of violations of law to administrative agencies are protected under ORS 659A.199

(14) Implement statutes applying to use of physical force regarding health care employees.

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